The equipment we use is designed to maximise the benefits that our residential clients receive from our service. The Infinity™ heated Concept2O™ pure water system provides the following enhancements-

  • All frames are included in every clean at no extra cost.
  • Enhanced privacy - we use telescopic poles instead of ladders
  • No chemicals used - our system is kind to your upvc and seals.
  • Reduced risk of property damage. Operators no longer have to walk on roof tiles or rest ladders on gutters or fascia boards.
  • The cleaning results are second to none and are consistent.
  • Windows will stay cleaner between cleans as no chemical residue is left on the glass.
  • Cleans previously inaccessible windows, for example those above conservatories.
  • Heated pure water not only cleans more efficiently and dries faster than cold, but also means we can provide the service all year round.
  • Reduces liability, there is less chance of window cleaners or home owners sustaining injury or death
  • The system complies with health and safety legislation, including 2005 WAH Regulations.

You can feel assured that you have a professional window cleaning company willing to invest in the newest and safest technology.