Health & Safety

Our commitment to health and safety

We are fully committed to adhering to health and safety directives when we work. For this reason, we have invested in equipment that allows us to clean windows in the safest possible way. Your property, its occupants and visitors, we, ourselves and members of the public will be totally safe during our visits.

Health and Safety directives

Sadly, on average 14 deaths and 1,200 major injuries occur every year as a result of falls from ladders. Using ladders to clean upstairs windows is definitely not the safest method. HSE Work at Height 2005 regulations state that the safest method of working at height should be employed wherever possible. (click here for more information - please see sections 15-17). To comply with this directive, we work from the safety of the ground at every possible opportunity, and use ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre poles to access windows. We never climb dangerously on ladders or roofs.

Health and safety questions to ask yourself

  • Is my property 100% safe for ladder work? (The surfaces and integrity of the ground etc.)
  • If a ladder-using window cleaner can only access a window on my property by climbing on a sloping roof, is that roof totally safe?
  • Does my window cleaner take risks with his and others safety on my property? (Does his ladder exceed the legal limit of 6 metres? Does he use someone to foot his ladder or, if working alone, use ladder supports or tie-offs?)

We will take no risks on your property. We bring the same high health and safety standards of the commercial cleaning world to your home. You no longer need to worry about whether your window cleaner is okay up his ladder or on your roof.


We have a 100% safety record, but in the extremely unlikely event of an accident you can relax in the knowledge that we are fully insured.