Pure Water

How "Pure Water" window cleaning works

The water we have in our taps is filtered to meet national water quality standards. This water is safe to drink but still retains a level of mineral content. When this water is applied to a surface and allowed to dry, it is these minerals that are left behind to cause spotting and watermarks as they are too heavy to evaporate.

However, if we first remove these mineral deposits and then apply pure water to a surface, the water evaporates leaving no smears spotting or watermarks.

Pure water is rarely found in nature due to its ability to absorb minerals and contaminates from its surrounding environment. When the water is 100% pure, this absorption rate is significantly increased, easily coping with the dust and dirt found on glazing. We use this pure water, applied with a soft bristle brush to a blemished surface, the pure water then absorbs the dirt and dust contaminates, the surface is rinsed again using pure water, and allowed to dry naturally to a spot and smear free finish.

Our water is also heated up to 60 degrees. This cleans more efficiently than cold water and dries considerably quicker. This heated pure water is especially effective at removing algae from frames and conservatory roofs.

The use of pure water is arguably the most significant change the window cleaning industry has ever seen.

The "Pure Water" cleaning process

On the first clean we will give extra attention to your frames, aiming to remove as much dirt trapped in the UPVC as possible. You should notice a vast improvement to the overall look of your windows by the time this is done. However, it is not unusual for the pure water to keep absorbing the dirt after we have left. If this is the case, you may notice minor spotting on the window after the water has evaporated, DONT PANIC, this is normal for the first couple of washes. If your UPVC has seen a number of winters, your seals will have accumulated quite a lot of trapped dirt and dust. In some cases this process maybe repeated on the second clean once again depending on the age or location (main road) of your window frames. By the third clean your glazing will be perfect.

We have invested heavily in this revolutionary technology to ensure we can provide the best service available for our customers.This system has been tried and tested on Big Ben, BT Tower and the London Eye.