Why Choose Us

The PureView difference.

  • Does you window cleaner clean your UPVC doors and frames? WE DO. Every time we clean your windows we also clean you UPVC doors, frames and sills.
  • Does your window cleaner use a ladder? WE DONT. We use a Water Fed Pole, feeding Heated Pure Water onto you windows and frames. No ladder means less risk of damage to your property ( guttering / fascia ) and improved privacy for you.
  • Does you window cleaner climb over your roof tiles to get to awkward windows? WE DONT. Not only is this potentially dangerous but it can also damage your property. We only use Water Fed Poles.
  • Does you window cleaner use clean water on every window? WE DO. We carry 600 litres of Pure Water on our van. From the 1st house of the day, right through to the last, every window ( and your UPVC ! ) is washed with heated pure water and then rinsed with even more heated pure water.
  • Does your window cleaner use detergent? WE DONT. Detergents leave a residue on the window which becomes tacky when wet and attracts dirt, making your windows look dirty. Our pure water not only gives great results but your windows will stay cleaner between washes.
  • Can your window cleaner get to those awkward windows above conservatories safely? WE CAN. Using our Water Fed Poles we can usually reach those windows that traditional window cleaners cannot clean.
  • Does you window cleaner come regularly? WE DO. We come every 4 weeks even when its raining. As we use no detergents ( no tacky residue! ), our system works just as well in the rain. However, for safety reasons, our operators wont clean during a thunderstorm.
  • Can your window cleaner clean you conservatory roof? WE CAN. Our Water Fed Poles allow us to reach most conservatory roofs. Our Heated Pure Water is very effective at removing algea and other dirt from your conservatory roof.
  • Can your window cleaner clean fascia's, soffits and gutterings? WE CAN. Our system allows us to clean these from the safety of the ground.